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My Mr. Men Ship List
Okay, so I will be telling my opinion on the ships I ship/don't ship, they are all just my opinions so please don't be offended, I will feel bad if I offended someone. :(
Mr. Happy X Miss Sunshine: Wonderful! A happy couple full of sunshine! They are so cute together, I always imagine they would give each other happy smiles and share bright moments to each other. I love this happy couple! One of my favorite shippings!
Mr. Bump X Miss Calamity: I know, this ship went down because the cons of the ship, if they are together, their bad luck becomes worse and more misfortunes come in their way. But the reason I ship these two, I just see them talking about their problems together and comforting each other about it, like for example: Mr. Bump talks about his problems and Miss Calamity can relate to him and comfort him. But I ship it either romantically or platonically.
Mr. Stubborn X Miss Bossy: I don't understand why
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Tickle Me Kitty Interaction (READ DESCRIPTION!!!)
Ok! So I decided that I was going to do something! So here's how it works! Kitty, (kinda my Uhh idk... mascot? XD Persona? XD) will do interactions with you! All you have to do is comment how you want to interact with her! For example.

Interactive Asker: I hold Kitty's hand!

And Kitty and you will hold hands! Here's some tips about Kitty

• she's extremely sensitive to touch

• she can't talk, but she can make noises!

• if you talk to her , even though she can't speak, she CAN understand you.

• you can talk AND touch her.

Good Luck!
Im Sorry...
Random orphan girl I drew over the course of a few days... it’s kinda bad but whatevs...
Ah, I don’t even care anymore.

Any other nostalgic peeps love YGG?


Just me?

(oke bye ;w;)
I... just want to apologize to everyone. I’m sorry if I was ever mean, ungrateful, or just plain down awful. I understand if people hate/ don’t like me anymore. I can see if anybody thinks I took anything too far... if anyone doesn’t want to be friends anymore.....

I’m sorry.

I hope that if I did hurt anyone, that you could tell me what to do to stop wrecking other peoples enjoyment. :D


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United States
Edit: Hi there!!! I'm just a weak, shy girl who opens up and blossoms on the Internet :3 ttte/Mr men are my main fandoms, and my ships are Tom x Per, James x Edward, Gordon x Henry, Toby x Henrietta, Oliver x Toad, Stephen x Millie, and Cranky x Salty. For Mr Men it's Scatterbrain x Whoops, Bounce x Scary, Stubborn x Bossy, Nosey x Small, Curious x Tall, Tickle x Chatterbox, Happy x Sunshine, Grumble x Worry, Tiny x Small, Quiet x Shy, Daredevil x Quiet, Bump x Grumpy, and Persnickety x Messy, and Lazy x Helpful... I really like to talk, and I love rps and comments :3333 so, let's get this party started!!!!


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